Reading Books

This  is a sequential story which leaves a cliff hanger on the last page of each book.  The reader is then motivated and wants to continue learning to find out what happens next.

The story is appealing to a wide age range, however it has been specifically designed for a student/person who has not had success in learning to read.  Click on the titles (green buttons) to see more of the story.



We are introduced to the main character Spike when his rocket crash lands into the sea.

His adventures start when he is chased by a shark and ends up on a beach where he finds an abandoned bag.

The shed    


Having spent a night in the bush Spike decides he must look for a more permanent place to stay.  He comes across an abandoned shed and decides to fix it up.  He settles into his new home but is unaware that he is being watched.



Stumpy has been in the background in many of the previous books.  In book 5 Stumpy reveals why he has been watching Spike and why this has made him so grumpy.  While Spike is out for the day he decides to take over the shed.

The ants   


Luck is not on Stumpy's side and he accidentally sits on an ant hill. The queen ant tells Stumpy to sort out the mess. Stumpy sees an opportunity to use the ants to help get back at Spike.

The mishap   


Spike and the Pukes are unaware of what is happening at the shed as they have gone fishing for the day. There is an unfortunate mishap at the river that they have to deal with.

Smoked out cover.jpg
Smoked out  


The ants have claimed to shed for themselves. Spike and his friends want the shed back and make a bad decision which puts the ants in danger.  

The cave    


Spike enters the bush.  The bush presents a range of challenges.  The contents of the bag provide Spike with solutions to some problems.

Spike arrives at a cave to take shelter and is unaware that his actions upset someone.

The Pukes   


After working on the shed Spike turns his attention to the garden. He plants this with seeds he has found in the back shed. The seeds attract birds. Spike makes a trap to stop them eating his seeds however this results in an unexpected ending.

The plan    


Spike comes back to find Stumpy in his shed. His new friends the Pukes, and he plot to get their shed back.  The plan works and Stumpy has to return to the bush.  He warns Spike that he will be back.

The surprise   


The ants are unaware of Stumpy's cunning plan to use them to get the shed back from Spike.

When the queen finds Stumpy sleeping while they seem to be doing all the work, she is not happy.


Everything comes to a head when Stumpy meets Spike and the Pukes in the bush.

A fight is avoided when Mr. T steps in to help the situation.

The deal cover.jpg
The deal  


The queen gets angry and takes off into the bush. Spike goes to find her whiles everybody back at the shed comes up with a plan to make things better.