Resource Packs
resource packs 1-5
1 x Set A5 picture cue cards
2x set of small picture cards
2x set of small word cards
1x Wordsbook
1x Wordsbook Teachers copy
1x Reading book
1x Certificate

(Resource Pack 1 includes the teacher guideline)

A5 Discussion Cards

There is a picture for almost every word learned.  A5 discussion cards introduce the picture cue. Once they have an image matched to the word they move to matching smaller word and picture cue cards.

See the examples below.


Picture Cards (Sample)

 Word Cards (Sample)



Words Book

The words book has fun activities to help the student consolidate word learning.

The first part of the words book is completed before the student reads the story book.

A certificate is included for the completion of each Reading Book.


Words Book - Teachers Copy

The teachers words book has the answers to activities.

The students part of the words book is completed in red.

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