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Book 7 - The ants

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The story continues and in Books 7 - 12 both Stumpy and Spike encounter life issues around friendships and problem solving.

All the 100 words learned throughout Books 1 - 6 continue to be used as much as is possible.  Each new book introduces a further 25 new sight

words, however at the same time introducing simple phonic structures, using the known learned sight words where possible.

The workbook for Book 7 introduces the whole alphabet with capital letters and letter sounds which build into straight forward three lettered words that

are then used in story 7 The ants.

As with all the previous reading books, the illustrations add to the detail of the story, and time should be spent unpacking what is happening in each

detailed illustration.

Books 7 - 12 use size 20 Arial text, providing a more adult feel to the reading books which are produced as an A5 book containing 32 pages.