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Book 4 - The  Pukes

The fourth reading book ‘The Pukes’ introduces a further 20 words.  The Pukes, short for Pukeho uses the 60 previously learned words, along with the new

set of 20 words to construct the story.

Having cleaned up the shed, mended the roof, painted the door and generally made everywhere livable, Spike turns his attention to the outside.

The back shed is full of all sort of interesting things, like packets of seeds and garden tools.  Spike decides he can make something of the garden and

prepares it for planting.  He does a great job, however along come some hungry pukehoes and they eat some of his seeds.  Spike decides he must deal

with them, so makes a trap.  The Pukes are very sorry and in the end Spike decides to let them go and they share a BBQ.  In almost every picture you

see the tree stump who hasn’t been introduced yet, lurking in the background.

You can see that by the time the students have learned 80 words, the text on the pages has now become quite detailed.

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